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48 Hours in Luzern Switzerland

Welcome to one of the dreamiest towns in Switzerland - Lucern! This magical city tucked between a Lake and the Alps will have you sining Sound of Music at every corner. If you plan a trip to Switzerland, make sure Luzern is on your list. We spent 48 hours in this magical place - but spend longer if you can!! Check out how to Spend 48 hours in Lucern ↓

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Mt. Pilatus Switzerland

This was perhaps one of the dreamiest days of my life. I’m not kidding when I say I’ll remember it perfectly in 50 years! Mt. Pilatus in Lucern, Switzerland is as authentic as you can get as far as Swiss adventures. From being in the Apls, to riding a red gondola, and drinking hot chocolate with a view like this… there is just not much in life that can top this. So get ready for your best adventure yet ↓

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Travel to Switzerland 101: The Basics

So you wana go to to Switzerland, and I mean why not? It is only one of the most dreamy, picturesque places in Europe! From the Swiss Alps, to amazing tiny towns, and the first place I saw free water in Europe - this country has my heart. And I think it will grab yours too :) Read all my tips below on how to get a cheep flight, where to stay, realities of money, and a couple food recommendations. Enjoy the land of the Swiss my friend!

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