A Hike Up Mt. Uetliberg

Walking Through the switzerland mountains

A Hike Up Mt. Uetliberg | SaltWaterVibes

When ever you visit a new city I encourage you to see it from above. Go up a skyscraper, observation tower, rooftop view - or my personal favorite - a good old fashion hike! And is there anything more dreamy than a hike to see the Alps of Switzerland?! Mt. Uetilberg is not one to miss while in Zurich.

A Hike Up Mt. Uetliberg | SaltWaterVibes

How long is the hike?

This is a true hike! I don’t think we were even that prepared for it - but the views are so beautiful it makes every step worth it. Roundtrip the hike is 6 km or about 3.7 miles. There are some inclines and a set of stairs to get the the very top. But overall we saw all walks of life hiking up! Bring a reusable water bottle because there is a couple free fountains along the way. I would say the hike can take between 1.5 - 3 hours depending on how fast you go and how long you want with the epic views up top!

A walk up the observation tower

Believe it or not there is an even better view than your reward at the end of the hike. Uetliberg has its very own observation tower. You do have to pay €2 per person and you must have the exact change! It is about maybe 50 steps or less to the top. You will be treated with panoramic views above the trees! You can see the Swiss Alps reflect over the beautiful blue water of the lake. I was such a fun view point - but totally your call if you want to spend the money!

A Hike Up Mt. Uetliberg | SaltWaterVibes

where is it at?

This hike is located just outside the city of Zurich. You can access the base of the hike by foot, train, bus, cab bike - really how ever you choose! From here you will follow the trail to the top of the mountain.

Address: Diebis 45 8143 Stallikon Switzerland
Hours of Operation: sunrise to sunset
Website: https://www.myswissalps.com/hiking/uetliberg-felsenegg

what else can you do up here?

Lucky for you and me - the rewards are pretty sweet after a long hike! How often is it you can work your way up to a nice warm meal, delicious coffee, or public restroom!? There is not only brat karts and coffee stands, but a full on restaurant and hotel here. Like I said there are also public restrooms for use and tons of benches and public sitting areas. It’s almost like stumbling onto a dreamy swiss village.

A Hike Up Mt. Uetliberg | SaltWaterVibes

Not a hiker? Fear Not!

Lucky for those of us who can’t hike anymore or don’t have quite the time to spare - you can still experience the wonderful Mt. Uetliberg! You can get to the top via train or tram. If you start in Zurich take the 13 Tram to Uetliberg. If you are traveling via train you will hop on the 10 train line! There is also a gondola here - but I am not 100% sure how far down the mountain it takes you. Here is the best information I could find on it!

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The views on this hike are unreal and just exactly what you picture Switzerland like. In the right time of year you may encounter various Sheep or Cows on your hike! Always be respectful and stay on the path - these are peoples homes and farm lands :)