Koko Head

koko dead

Can you think of anything more fun than hiking 1,048 steps straight up a mountain?! Good because I couldn't either! Koko head is on the East side of Oahu and is a famous sightseeing stop. Those who are brave, and like a challenge, will actually dare to do it. When my two best friends came for Spring Break I couldn't think of a better way to spread some Aloha than to do this hike with them (insert crying laughing face emoji). 

When I say these steps are straight up, I mean straight up! Br prepared for this thigh burning workout by bringing good snacks and wearing sneakers. I have seen people do this hike as a morning workout which blows my mind, and some people RUN up Koko Head is like 13 minutes! I consider myself to be rather fit, and it still took me a good 30 minutes plus to get up there. Bring LOTS of water for this hike you will need it. 

This popular Oahu Hike is really just steps straight up the mountain! There is one area that's more of a platform/bridge. It's rather scary but if you look closely there's a little dirt path off to the side you can take to avoid this area. 

Once you finally do make it to the top the views are so so worth it. You can see the beautiful East Side of Oahu and ocean every where you look. There is a few old military platforms to explore and sit down and relax before making the journey down. 

This was our whole group! It was so much fun having my Colorado friends with my Hawaii friends! Even though the pain we were still smiling! 

The blues in the water seem to be magnified by ten from up there. This hike is so popular that lots of my friends hike up here for sunrise and sunset, they always have such beautiful pictures! One day I will get my butt up and kick my fear of hiking in the dark to catch one. I would say that Koko Head can be one of the harder hikes on the island because the incline is so steep, but completely worth it.

These two cuties were the absolute best for flying all the way to Hawaii to hang out with me! I wish everyone important to me could come becuase there is just so many things I want to show people! To park get to this hike you will park in the Koko Head Parking lot. 

Make sure you snap some pics! These blues are something you will want to remember forever! 

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how to get here


You can GPS 'Koko Head Trail' to get here! Take the H1E and turn by the Koko Head monument. Park in the designated parking lot and continue onto the trail head. 


This hike is extremely steep so take your time and bring lots of water. Always watch your footing and if you don't feel comfortable then do not go on.