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Swimming With Turtles on Oahu

Swimming with sea turtles (or honu here in Hawaii) is an experience unlike any other. To be just inches from such cool and calm creatures is something I hope everyone gets to experience while in Hawaii! The beaches listed below often have turtles there, but a sighting is no guarantee as these are wild animals with minds of there own :)

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Manoa Falls

Hiking to a waterfall had always seemed like a far out dream until moving to Hawaii. If you are on Oahu and are looking for an amazing waterfall experience check out Manoa Falls. This 1.5 mile loop is the easiest waterfall hike on the Gathering Place

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Crouching Lion

Crouching Lion has been on my bucket list for a few years now. After seeing snaps of this blue water and view I begged almost every weekend to go! After reaching the top it's safe to say this has become my favorite view. I made sure to wear my old Nikes becuase this hike can get muddy! 

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