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SUP Yoga Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Ahh Yoga in paradise. And not just any Yoga and not just any paradise, were talking full on SUP yoga in the middle of the pacific. Yup, yoga on Stand Up Paddles! This unique Hawaiian experience will have you planning your move here. 

SUP Yoga Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

For starters the staff at Yoga Kai are the sweetest! They are here to help you and want you to have the best experience possible. The class is a beginners level to ensure everyone can enjoy it and everything you do is for you - so don't get worried if you can't do a pose. The instructors are amazing at helping to modify anything you need. 

SUP Yoga Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

The class is one hour and 15 minutes long. You start the class by learning some basics about the SUP and yoga and then paddle out. Here you will drop your anchors and begin the practice! For about 45 minutes you will be taken through various poses and cycles including Sun Salutations and inversions. Finally you will have about 15 minutes of play - which is the best part! Here you can try poses and balancing and take pictures! All Yoga Kai teachers have a waterproof camera and will take various pictures during your class and then any picture you want in free time! After class they upload all the pictures to there Facebook Group so you can download them to your phone or computer :) 

SUP Yoga Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

do i need yoga experience to participate?

No, but it would help! The class is a very basic level so that everyone can get something out of it. The instructor will often show you variations of the poses for all levels.

do i need SUP experience to participate?

Nope! In fact in this class you won't even use a paddle. You will paddle out like you're on a surfboard and once there you drop an anchor to hold in place, no SUPing required!

what do i wear?

My reccomendation is something comfrotable you don't mind getting wet! I wore my swimsuit, but the others did not so it is up to you! 

SUP Yoga Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

We found these amazing deals on Groupon but each class is $39 otherwise or you can buy in bulk for more savings! I recommend the sunset slot on a clear day so it's nice and cool and beautiful views! 

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How to get here


Yoga Kai is held at Ala Mona Beach Park in Honolulu. To get here you will park at the Ala Mona Beach Park Parking lot across from the Ala Mona mall on Ala Mona. You will meet your instructor and classmates on the beach, you will see the Van and an instructor will start laying the boards on the sand so you know where to go. 


Always listen to your body and do not push into pain. Falling in the water can be cold so be sure to have a towel for after class. Wear clothes you don't mind getting wet and be cautious a wet board may be slippery. Although water is shallow please ensure you can swim before taking this class.