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Lulumahu Falls

On my Birthday I was lucky enough to see this beautiful sight! Rashawn had a club activity hiking to Lulumahu Falls and I could not resit tagging along. Below is a short video of the trail, it's s o  c o o l! I highly recommend this hike because it's easy, stunning, and who doesn't love a waterfall!?

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Pali Notches


Or at least that is what it felt like hiking the Pali Notches located on the East Side of Oahu. This insane trailhead and can be accessed right by the Pali Lookout! The views on this hike are spectacular, but let me warn you this hike is not for your average joe-shmow!!

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Diamond Head

The views from atop Diamond head are so BLUE! The amazing views of Waikiki from way up here are some of the best. It totally puts everything into perspective and if you are staying in a near by hotel, you just might be able to spot your room :P

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