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College Athlete

Growing up, it was common to hear, "I can't I have swim practice" coming from my friends and I. I always smelled like chlorine and may have been guilty of wearing a CAC shirt to school everyday. But, swimming was one of the biggest blessings in my life.

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Swimming in the Sea

Growing up in Colorado, I was always dreaming of the water. I was landlocked there, and the only source of water near me were a few lakes and a man made reservoir. I loved seeing pictures and watching documentaries about sea life and I just dreamed of getting to see and experience those things one day. I honestly think thats what sent me to Hawaii, despite all the craziness that comes from living here, I would never trade it for the world because of the ocean. 

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Silent Disco

On Friday night I got to Dance my booty off at the Honolulu Museum of Art for their Art After Dark event! This month to wrap up Black History Month they hosted a Silent Disco with the theme of AfroFuture. I have seen a few silent discos in places like New York and immediately put it on my Bucket List. This really is the future of parties! 

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