Swimming in the Sea

Under the Sea

Growing up in Colorado, I was always dreaming of the water. I was landlocked there, and the only source of water near me were a few lakes and a man made resivour. I loved seeing pictures and watching documentaries about sea life and I just dreamed of getting to see and experience those things one day. I honestly think thats what sent me to Hawaii, despite all the craziness that comes from living here, I would never trade it for the world because of the ocean. 

I would watch Planet Earth with my family and see turtles and beautiful vibrant fish and just wanted experience that myself. I still have a glorious list of underwater adventures to check off my bucket list but for now I can check marine life off as one of them. 

In Hawaii its effortless to be breathless. Just in knee high water you can see tons of different fish. Then, not even half a mile from shore you can run into turtles and more. Then when you really get out there the marine life is endless and unknown! But I am just so happy to be able to see how the fishes in the sea live for my self, TV and aquariums only let you experience so much. To actually be along side a turtle or by a school of fish or looking in the eyes of a shark is something indescribable  to me. 

But like I said you don't have to be a certified scuba diver, or own a wet suit, you can just put on a bikini grab some goggles and go. It is truly amazing. The underwater world is full of the unknown and is so different, it gives you such an appreciation for our earth. I will forever be satisfied getting to experience life along side these beautiful creatures. 

Swimming In The Sea + Salt Water Vibes

It is super easy to stumble upon a turtle here and often it's a surprise when I see one! But some popular places to see them are Electric Beach, Waikiki, Waimea and Cockroach Cove. They love to hang around coral and munch so if you snorkel by lots of coral you will most likely see one or more! The most I have ever swam with were five at Cockroach Cove and about ten in Waikiki! 

It is so magical to be by them and I just get so excited because its like ohmygosh I'm living inside finding Nemo right now, HOW COOL! But it is so so important to know that you are in their teuriritoy! Important things to keep in mind: 

  1.  Coral is alive! And it is important to perserve it because our marine life depends on it. Stepping on and holding the coral can cause coral bleaching which is basically when the coral dies. So wear water shoes and learn to float... it will save their life and yours :) 
  2. DO NOT TOUCH THE TURTLES! This is something so important not only to me, but to the turtels, and the law! It is illegal to hold on or touch these creatures and doing so can land you a pretty hefty ticket! I am not afraid to yell at anyone trying to grab or touch them because regardless of the harm to them, or breaking the law, it's downright inhumane! Look and appreciate but please keep your hands to your self!
  3. Be aware of currents! I am not saying you need to be an ocean expert but be aware of the water and how it is moving, stay near shore if your not experienced! There are tons of great boat companies that will take you on supervised snorkel trips far off the coast! So don't try to swim out on your own if you are not experienced because the ocean can quickly change!
  4. Drink lots of water! I often get to immersed in the water I stay in for hours and them come out a giant salty prune! Being hydrated will make your experience so much better I promise!

What is your favorite marine animal!? -- Mine is Whales!