Feature Friday: Frost City

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Feature Friday: Frost City + SaltWaterVibes
Frost City is a place where people can have fun and experience something different
— Jing (Owner of Frostcity)
Feature Friday: Frost City + SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to Frostcity! This sweet spot was the founder of snow here in Hawaii (behind Mauna Kea of course ;)). The local dessert shop located on Beretania has changed the 'ice cream' experience forever. Here you will not find classic flavors or items, instead you will be treated with unique desserts all the way from Taiwan. Snow is a very healthy mix between ice cream and Shave Ice. Because it is made with real fruit and very little sugar it is a perfect treat that won't leave you feeling guilty. 

Feature Friday: Frost City + SaltWaterVibes

Frost City is known for it's amazing flavors and combinations. Some of the most popular flavors range from Cookies and Cream to Lilikoi and Watermelon. Each week they feature special flavors and combinations like Cookie Butter, which is my personal favorite! Beyond snow, Frost City is home to amazing dessert soups, bubble teas, milk teas, and more, so there is something for every taste bud here. 

Before coming to Frost City, I didn't even know dessert soups existed. Rashawn was convinced to try their Walnut Soup the first time we ever went, and we have been hooked since! Pictured above is the Potato Mochi soup (left) and a special soup owner Jane likes to make with Asuki filled Pumpkin and Potato (right). Both soups have a sweet coconut milk broth and are heavenly. I highly recommend them because they are such a unique dessert you won't find anywhere else.

Feature Friday: Frost City + SaltWaterVibes

Supporting local business here in Hawaii is so important to keep the Aloha Spirit alive, and that is why I always recommend Frost City to people who ask for sweet treats. While talking to former owner Jenny Lee, she too agreed how vital it is to support local. "By introducing something new from Taiwan we were able to to bring new cultures to our neighborhoods," she also said, "It is so important to support local business here in Hawaii because it helps the local community". 

Feature Friday: Frost City + SaltWaterVibes

Bubble tea is common on almost every Oahu street corner it seems, but Frost City has the science down. From a wide list of flavors you will be able to choose between blended, iced, or hot bubble tea options ensuring a drink for every taste bud. My go to is the Thai Tea, but I have only good things to say about all their flavors, so you cannot go wrong!

As if the Snow wasn't convincing enough to come by, the atmosphere is sure to lock you in. With an entire chalkboard wall full of doodles and designs and tons of board games for free use, you will fall in love with the Frost City experience. "Kids always want to come back for the games, and they can help ease any first date by enhance the bonding experience," said former owner Jenny Lee. 

Frost City + SaltWaterVibes

Frost City was Opened in 2010 after Stella Tsang and her family traveled to Taiwan and fell in love with xue hua bing, or what we call snow! They loved it so much they went back to learn everything they could to open up shop at home here on Oahu. Three years later Jenny Lee and her brother became the owners and helped to make it what is it today. Jenny just recently sold the business to current owner Jane in December 2016 but still loves to come by and help. Check out directions and hours of opertaions below, and I hope to see you there! 

Feature Friday: Frost City + SaltWaterVibes

how to get here

hours of operation


Monday - Thursday: 1:00pm - 10:00 pm     Friday: 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm                    Saturday: 12:30 pm - 11:00 pm                     Sunday: 12:30 pm - 9:00 pm  

Frost City is located in a small shopping center on Beretania next to Jiffy Lube. 

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