Namsan Seoul Tower

seeing seoul from above

this tower has a suprise around every corner, come see for yourself...

Namsan Seoul Tower | SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to Namsan Seoul Tower! This amazing place is a communication and observation tower open to the public for amazing views, restaurants, shops, photo ops, and unique attractions. But the most famous reason? LOVE LOCKS!

what to do here

Seoul Tower is the perfect adventure any time your here. Come for a long time, or just pass through - it all depends on what you want to do! The main reason people come here is for the view and the love locks. But, there is also seven restaurants and two gift shops! They also host special events and campaigns. Right now they have a love and relationships campaign going on, you can read more about it here. The restaurants and gift shops vary on opening and closing hours so you can see them all here, and make reservations here! 

Namsan Seoul Tower | SaltWaterVibes

shops, restaurants, and more  

When we got up to the tower I was blown away! It was like a complex center underneath the actual tower. Most observation decks we go to are truly just that - a deck! Seoul Tower had all kinds of places to explore, shop and eat. I thought it was so neat and made the experience even more fun. We were able to buy some beers at the convience store and sit on the patio with the most epic view while we sipped away. 

Namsan Seoul Tower | SaltWaterVibes

One of my most favorite things about Seoul and Asia in general is the characters! It seems like every where we went, each place had a mascot and I was loving it! They are all so fun and I would truly love to learn more about this aspect of their culture and why they have them! So if you know, please share :) 

Namsan Seoul Tower | SaltWaterVibes

Like I mentioned above this place is home to the absolute BEST view of Seoul. You can see 360 degrees around the tower and walk and tons of different platforms to see new viewpoints. I actually lost ALL my Seoul Pictures - which is a story for another day but was so lucky enough to at lest download all these to my phone that day! So I know my one measily picture of the view doesnt seem like much, I promise you it was unreal! 

Namsan Seoul Tower | SaltWaterVibes

Another thing I just loved about Asia is how photo friendly everything is!! They had these awesome phone stands like tri-pods free to use! They set them up in photogenic areas like this so you can snap away! I was so happy because Rashawn and I barley ever get photos together let alone fun ones like this. I will hold onto these memories foerver!!

the love locks <3

Seoul Tower attracts more couples then any where else in Seoul!! (That is just a fact from my brain based on the amount of love locks ha!). This place had thousands and thousands off these locks all over. You can buy them from the tower - but I think it was like $20! We didn't put one here for a few reasons but if you are looking to lock your love somewhere this is the place to do it! I was just so impressed by all the messages written on the locks, it is so fun to see! You can also bring your own lock from home. 

Namsan Seoul Tower | SaltWaterVibes

How to get here

Getting to Seoul Tower is also an adventure! You can get to the actual tower by taxi, bus, subway, or your little feeties :) But once here you have some more options on how to reach the top! For starters, you take this super cool glass elevator up the hill - it is totally free and anyone can use it! Once there, you can either pay for a cable car or walk the stairs up! We walked stars up and cable car down to save some money! Here is the prices for the car.

Address: 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan 2(i)ga-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, Sunday:  10 am - 11 pm Saturday: 10 am - 12 am

I would love to come back here again one day! I truly believe in seeing the city from above in every new place you go. Do you like seeing cities from above? 

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