Seoul Raccoon Cafe

the truth about hangin with raccoons

in Seoul there is no shortage of wild and unique experiences….

Seoul Raccoon Cafe | SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to the Raccoon Cafe in Seoul, South Korea!
This is one of the most unique experiences you could ever have. When I first stumbled upon this ‘thing’ i was so intrigued because these raccoons were sitting on people's laps, getting cuddles and freaking smiling. The raccoons I know dig through trash cans and hiss at you while mugging you down with there beety green eyes. Anyone else?

We got to the Raccoon cafe and realized it wasn't even open yet - so we spent the time getting face masks until it was open, not a bad deal in my eyes. When we got there you had to take off your shoes and put on there slippers. So you might want to make sure you are wearing socks this day!

How Much Does It cost?

You pay ₩ 6000 [about $5.50 USD] each to get in, and while in there you have the option of ordering a drink for about ₩ 2000 - we just split one!

Seoul Raccoon Cafe | SaltWaterVibes

It was WILD the second we got in there. These raccoons were hilarious. Like so cute - but literally still the evil raccoons I knew. LOL. She gave us some almonds to feed the raccoons and that part was insanely cute. They would use there tiny hands to grab the almond and snack on it.

Seoul Raccoon Cafe | SaltWaterVibes

But then we tried to pet them like a house pet and these noobs BIT us. Haha we were seriously laughing because we had no idea what just happened. I think if they get over stimulated they get a bit feisty. We let the mean ones be and sat a while. Eventually some of them came up to us. But I would advise NOT to pick them up. If they want to sit with you or be held they will come.

Seoul Raccoon Cafe | SaltWaterVibes

Others would find cozy corners to hang out at. Overall I would still do this experience again because to be by a real life raccoon is just crazy. Seoul is famous for all kinds of theme cafes and animal ones like hedgehogs, cats, winnie pooh, hello kitty, and seriously sooo many others.

Where is it located?

The raccoon cafe is located off the Hyewha Station Exit 4. The cafe is on the fifth floor of the Etude House. There is an elevator or stairs to get up there.
36-2 Myeongnyun 2(i)ga Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Raccoon Cafe | SaltWaterVibes

When Is it Open?

The raccoon cafe is open from 1pm - 10pm [1300 - 2200].
It is closed on Mondays but open every other day of the week.

Seoul Raccoon Cafe | SaltWaterVibes

Is it actually safe?

Yes! These raccoons have been rescued and in human care for many years. They are are disease free but please mind these are still live animals and can do ANYTHING. So do not antagonize, pester, or stress the raccoons out or they will resort to their animal insights.  Oh and wash your hands before and after!

Seoul Raccoon Cafe | SaltWaterVibes

It’s so funny because we saw a Facebook video and the raccoons looked SO nice after we left the cafe, we watched the video again and realized there is ANOTHER raccoon cafe in Seoul in Blind Alley!!!! Apparently these raccoons are way nicer so let me know which one you check out!

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