A Day In New Haven

Things To Do In Yale Town

A Day In New Haven  | SaltWaterVibes

Connecticut is a state full of surprises around every corner. From its beautiful coast, historic towns, and even showing off its culinary gift - the Constitution State knows how to be seen! Today we are taking a walk through New Haven and exploring the historic Yale campus…

Grab a Bite at the Waterfront Food Trucks

First things first - FOOD. New Haven actually has a wonderful foodie seen with bites for about every taste bud. My brother is a vegan and has never had an issue finding a meal! For lunch we had a super unique experience of eating by the Harbor! Along Wharf Drive tons of trucks will line up and serve some tasty bites. Depending on the time of year, there can be lobster rolls, smoothie trucks, Mexican, Cuban, and sooo much more. Obviously I wasn’t visiting in summer so only the dedicated few were out. You can eat in your car (there is plenty of public parking), or you can sit on the grass or tables along the water overlooking the New Haven Harbor. The trucks are here all day and most of the night - I think we can all agree there is just something about food trucks!

Address of Trucks: 398 Long Wharf Dr. New Haven, CT 06511
Hours of Food: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm

A Day In New Haven  | SaltWaterVibes

A Day In New Haven  | SaltWaterVibes

Visit Light House Point Park

This beautiful slice of America has made its home on on the New England coast. There is something about a light house in the East. Lighthouse Point Park is full of activities from carousels, picnic spots, beach walks and more, it is worth a stop even if you aren’t into lighthouses. I have the full details on everything you need to know for the perfect day at the park in this post here!

Address: 2 Lighthouse Rd, New Haven, CT 06512
Hours of Operation: 7am - sunset

A Day In New Haven  | SaltWaterVibes

Walk Around Yale Campus and Town

New Haven is perhaps most known for being home to Yale University! It is such an iconic campus filled with so much history and inspiration. Some of the greatest have graduated from here! The campus is fairly large and can be walked, or even driven through by car. The old architecture is so beautiful and many other buildings are brand new or got a face lift! There are so many great cafes and restaurants in the college town too! My brother took us to Fuzzy’s Coffee and it was delicious! We also got to check out the Yale Bookstore - which is like 3 floors!!

I read online about the Yale Observatory! I defiantly wanted to check it out becuase I am a big fan of the Griffith Observatory. However I did no research and just wrote it down on a whim! So it was closed when we arrived, but sense then I learned that it is open to the Public every Tuesday night for telescope viewing! You can read more about that here!

A Day In New Haven | SaltWaterVibes

visit stew Leonards

Ok hear me out - I wouldn’t normally tell you to travel for a grocery store - but I am contimplating my own move here just for it!! Stew Leonards is the most unique store I have ever been too. They calssify them selves as a dairy farm - but that only scratches the surface! They have all there own products, amazing other products, and SO much fresh good. And the best part is, I have never seen more affordable prices!! This store is worth a walk through… just don’t do it on an empty stomach ;)

Website: http://www.stewleonards.com/
Hours: 8am - 10pm
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