Lighthouse Point Park

The Beauty of Connecticut

Lighthouse Point Park | SaltWaterVibes

Oh Connecticut. A beautiful slice of southern New England. I recently got the chance to explore the quaint town of New Haven and got to check out some real beautiful spots. Lighthouses have always fascinated me and are so so beautiful. Of course they always remind me of the beach too :) This one in particular checked off all the New England charm boxes.

Lighthouse Point Park | SaltWaterVibes

what can you do at the light house?

This park has so much to offer! Every weekend the carousel runs for 50 cents a ride. You can walk along the beach and collect sea shells, admire this stunning lighthouse, or check out the binoculars for sea life. This park is open year round, but obviously ‘in season’ is spring and summer time. There are lots of events and holiday specials going on year round so check that out here.

Lighthouse Point Park | SaltWaterVibes

where is it at?

Getting to Lighthouse Point park is a breeze! You can simply type it into any GPS and or follow Lighthouse Road road all the way to the water. You will enter the park and then have the choice to go left or right. Left is the carousel and a few other things but to the right is beach access and the Lighthouse!

Address: 2 Lighthouse Rd, New Haven, CT 06512
Hours of Operation: 7am - sunset

is it free?

Technically the on season is from about April 1, till November 20th or so. During this time there will be workers in the booths at the front of the park. All Connecticut residents are free to enter - if you are visiting from out of town it will be $20 per vehicle. We visited in March and there was no one here to collect fees or check IDs.

Lighthouse Point Park | SaltWaterVibes

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