Old Gas Station Museum New Mexico


Old Gas Station Museum New Mexico | SaltWaterVibes

Road trips. Not only are they just a down right blast, they also lead us to many paths less traveled. I love the absolute freedom you have behind a wheel - and especially if they are your home on wheels! Last year we lived out of my parents mini van for 5 days exploring the great Enchanted State, and boy did we have fun! It is hard to choose a favorite adventure from the trip, but this museum defiantly takes place in the top 3…

welcome to gasoline alley

Welcome to Johnnie’s Collection! From old gas stations, signs, landmarks, and more - these aisle will not only transport you to the past, but make you appreciate ‘stuff’ in a whole new light! He started collecting old neon signs and small trinkets from the past, but before he knew it, he had a collection big enough to start a tourist attraction. There is an entire yard outside filled with unique corners and an indoor building to house the small stuff and lights. I promise you won’t regret a walk around here!

Old Gas Station Museum New Mexico | SaltWaterVibes

where is it at?

While this museum is not directly on Route 66 - it is not far off the path! It is in between Santa Fe and Taos if you are filmier with the state. If you type this address in you should be able to find it easy-peasy! We stopped at the visitors center up the road to make sure we were on the right path! It truly is a middle-of-no-where stop, but you can’t miss it :) You can park all along the side of the road!

Address: NM-68, Embudo, NM 87531
Hours of Operation: This is Jonnie’s home - so when ever he is up and around, which is usually sunrise to sunset.

how much does it cost?

Lucky for you and me this adventure is 100% free! I’m sure Johnnie would love a donation, but there is no obligation! He is thrilled that people even come by. In the summertime he does fill up his old Coca-Cola coolers and sell some cold drinks and fun gas station snacks! He said the summer is the best time to come because of the atmosphere and crowds that come by!

Old Gas Station Museum New Mexico | SaltWaterVibes

I think the coolest part was learning how many movies and TV shows have used parts of his collection in their productions! He said he has even worked with Netflix on a show that used some of his old gas stations! I was obsessed with the inside display of all the old Neon and gas cans. I seriously felt like we time hopped + I was on the set of Cars!! It is just so cool and I promise there is no where else like it.

how did it come to be?

I asked him how he got so many collectables and things - and simply it started as his hobby and passion! He loved all the old time vintage finds, and eventually he became known for it. People would call him up if they had something they thought he would like! Like how about that Big Boy!? I had only heard of them in California so I thought it was so cool he got something all the way from there! But he informed me there was a Big boy in Northern New Mexico who gave it to him :) Still so amazing - what an icon!

Old Gas Station Museum New Mexico | SaltWaterVibes

If you are ever in New Mexico make sure you come check out Johnnie amazing Classical Gasoline Museum! :) But please please please be respectful of his stuff and space - this is his home!!

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