Nashville Murals - A Complete Guide

Nashville Walls project

Nashville Murals - A Complete Guide  Nashville Walls | SaltWaterVibes

Nashville is known for many things, Hot Chicken, Country Music, even the Parthenon! When it comes to Nashville, Tennessee, I bet you don’t think of bright walls and stunning murals all over the city, but in fact Music City has some of the most murals in the south! So grab those cowboy boots and a camera and get ready to see some of the best street art in Tennessee!

Nashville Murals - A Complete Guide  Nashville Walls | SaltWaterVibes

Where Did All Those Murals Come From?

Learning about where and why the murals came to Nashville is almost as cool as the murals themselves! Two San Fransiscoites had the idea to bring murals around the US. Obviously major cities like LA, New York, and Miami were already full of stunning walls and murals - but what about smaller or up-and-coming cities across America? They were working on a documentary called “Saving Blanksy” about the importance of street art and graffiti, and while working on it, they had the idea to expand street art all around the US. In 2013 they had the idea to bring it to Nashville and by February 2014 the murals started going up!

Here is the full story.

The Nashville Walls Project

The Nashville Walls Project started in 2014. Two dedicated souls started asking building owners if they could use the walls for art, and also rallied up money and sponsors from around the state! It just took one brave business owner to say yes, and soon after the murals went up, more business saw what good it can bring. They would pay local artists to come and paint the murals, and soon even international artists were putting their mark in Nashville! Their goal with the Walls Project is to bring life and color back into cities. Imagine waiting for the bus stop and being able to admire something like this! They said it best, it makes it feel like a party everyone is invited too :)

Here is the official Nashville Walls Project website:

which murals MUST I see?

If I had my way, I would have visited every mural in the City -ha! No matter what murals you see, they are all one of a kind and so impressive to see in person! There are some famous murals all over Instagram, here is my list of favorites and popular spots:

Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and find your own! I wish I saw Drew Holcomb’s mural in Cleveland Park while I was here… but thats ok, it’s officially on the list for next time :) These stunning murals hide on a lot of Nashville corners, you might be surprised what you can find!

Nashville Murals - A Complete Guide  Nashville Walls | SaltWaterVibes

sav’s mural tips

I think to have the best mural experience - it takes some planning! Figuring out which murals you want to see, where they are, and of course what pose you will pull at the wall! :) Here are my three top tips for Nashville Murals!

  1. Figure out what murals are on your list: Nashville has big murals, little murals, music murals, art murals, kindness murals, and murals I don’t even know how to categorize! Here is a great visual guide to what some of the murals look like, so you can plan which ones you want to see! The map linked below has the full list, names, and addresses.

  2. Be aware of your surroundings: A lot of these Nashville Murals are located on busy roads or in the heart of the city. Cars and scooters maybe buzzing by, along with regular foot traffic. Never block anyone on the street or sidewalk, and make sure you follow all the rules or sidewalks and crosswalks. All murals are public, but don’t cause a ruckus trying to get the shot for the gram!

  3. Strike a pose: Murals are just plain amazing! Between spray paint and rollers, it is incredible what detail people can add to a wall. I love photographing murals and who doesn’t love a good pose in front of one! You are guaranteed to have lots of unique backgrounds, so don’t be afraid to let loose and have some fun snapping away!

where is it at?

Use this link to bring up the full Map with the exact names and locations of each Mural. They have broken it down into sections of Nashville too! It is so helpful so you can plan out which sections of Nashville you want to explore, or just make a route of your favorite murals to see!

Nashville Mural Map:

is there any cost?

Lucky for you and me, touring Nashville’s Murals is 100% free! All the art is painted on public property and apart of the Nashville Walls Project.

Can I paint a Mural?

Are you interested in adding to the culture of Nashville Walls? If so you can email for more information on how you can join.

Nashville Murals - A Complete Guide  Nashville Walls | SaltWaterVibes

Nashville is already such an amazing city, and it is growing everyday! It’s no brainer to book your next trip South to Music City!

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