A Guide to Your Perfect Minnesota Lake Day

Boating With Bald Eagle Boat Rentals

Boating With Bald Eagle Boat Rental Minnesota | SaltWaterVibes

A few things are better than a day on the lake. Here in Minnesota - lake days are second nature! Being the land of 10,000 lakes, there is quite a lot to choose from :) Renting a boat to take out on one of these lakes is one of the best experiences in Minnesota! Come check out the best lakes, where to rent, and what do to on the lake below!

Boating With Bald Eagle Boat Rental Minnesota | SaltWaterVibes

SO how do i rent a boat in Minnesota ?

This is the first question that came to my mind. Do I need a boating license? Can I drive a boat in another State? Am I going to need a trailer to transport it!? Don’t worry the whole boat renting process is actually quite simple! It all depends on what lake you want to go to, and who you rent with! There are some off-lake companies that will let you attach the boat to a trailer and bring it to what ever lake! But if you are coming from out of state, I recommend renting on-lake so you just have to undock and go!

so do i need a license?

Lucky for you and me, no boat license is required! You do need a valid drivers license to rent and operate - but this could be your first time ever driving a boat! :)

rent with bald eagle boat rentals!

After lots of research and quite a few phone calls, I found Bald Eagle Boat Rentals! These guys are amazing. They have over 4 boats to choose from, give you allll the fishing poles you want, and are simply just the best mom and pop boat rental in Minnesota. We rented the The Skipper and it easily fit all 6 of us! The staff is so friendly and happy to help you rent the right boat!

how much is it?

I choose Bald Eagle Boat Rentals because the price was so great. It was $89 for the first two hours and then $25 for each additional hour. We went for 4 hours and spent about $140! It was such a great deal to split between 6, and like I mentioned they provide all the fishing (minus live bait), life jackets, and gas for the boat.

Boating With Bald Eagle Boat Rental Minnesota | SaltWaterVibes

where is it at?

Bald Eagle Boat Rentals is located right by White Bear Lake! It sits on Bald Eagle Lake and is all docked and ready to go for you. If you want to take the boat to White Bear Lake the staff can help you with a boat trailer (maybe additional coast)

Address: Bald Eagle Boat Rental 4444 129th St. White Bear Lake, MN 55110 651 426-0365
Hours of Operation: 10am - 7pm

Boating With Bald Eagle Boat Rental Minnesota | SaltWaterVibes

What other lakes are good for boating?

Here in Minnesota there is a lake for everyone! Lakes for boating, lakes for tubing, lakes for swimming, lakes for SUPing, and so much more! So how do you find the right one? Google can be your best friend here :) Start by thinking about what activities you want to do. If you want to boat, try Bald Eagle, Deer Lake, or even Pokegama Lake. If you want to SUP or Kayak, try Lake of The Isles or Lake Pepin. Here is a great article on Lakes in Minnesota!

Not renting a boat…fear not!

A boat doesn’t make or break the day on the lake. In fact just being on the lake is treat. Between swimming, floating, fishing, and relaxing - there is a lake activity for everyone. I brought some old pool tubes and we blew them up to float on. (If you do rent a boat, you could also use rope and go tubing behind the boat!) Our boat rental came with fishing poles! We just had to buy the live bait. You can always bring your own gear, or rent some near by.

Boating With Bald Eagle Boat Rental Minnesota | SaltWaterVibes

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