Its a bird...It's a plane...No its Savannah!

I think its safe to say that Skydiving is my new favorite sport ;) I went last year with my best friend on the North Shore of Oahu. We jumped with Pacific Skydiving and had the most amazing experience you could ask for! A beautiful day, hilarious instructions, oh ya and WHALES! We went during whale season and falling through the sky I saw 3 HUGE humpback whales. Too cool.

The laid back notation of Hawaii is so real! I jumped with my tank-top and shorts, because after all that's all you ever need here! I loved how relaxing the experience was, it makes the jump so much better because you're less nervous!

Georgia and I were the last two out of the plane, all we heard was the ZOOM of bodies falling through the sky before us. As soon as I got up there, I of course told my instructor I was adventurous, so he decided the best way to get us out of the plane was a back flip! Free falling at over 100 mph is one of the most amazing and breathtaking, I literally mean breathtaking, things you can experience. Of course getting to see Hawaii's stunning shore lines while doing it sure helps.

I loved skydiving so much, I told myself I would do it in all my favorite cites. The only question is which one next? :)

I loved this experience so much I had to take my brother when he came to visit to to jump with them too! I got to check this one off when my best friends were here for Spring Break so it is included in our Spring Break Escapade! The skydive starts at 2:42!