Musical Highway New Mexico

Things To Do On Historic Route 66

Welcome to the famous Route 66! There are tons of quirky things along this iconic highway - and the musical highway sure is one! Located just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico this quarter of a mile stretch of the road will actually SING to you - but you have to follow the rules!

What is the musical highway?

This signing stretch of road was created in 2014 by National Geographic and of course the New Mexico Department of Transportation. If you follow the speed limit then you will be rewarded with the beautiful tune of America The Beautiful. It was created to remind people to slow down and go the speed limit! Plus who doesn’t want to add some fun to the drive!? We ended up driving over it THREE times because it was so cool - and a bit trickier than you think staying on the strip :)


where is it?

This iconic strip of Route 66 is located off exit 170 heading eastbound. The stretch of the musical highway is located between mile markers 4 and 5 and located on the right hand side of the lane next to the shoulder. The signs above indicate the start of the strip.

It is small ridges in the road hugging the lane - they are just wide enough for your wheel so pay attention to get it just right!

Address: Musical Highway, Rte 66, Tijeras NM 87059

How does my car sing?

Each rumble was engineered a specific distance apart to sing the exact notes needed in America the Beautiful. You car has to be driving EXACTLY on the strip - which is not marked or outlined so it can be easily missed. My best tip is to imagine your wheel right next to the line without going over. You will hear the tune once you’re on it - and feel free to double back and try again until you hear it!

Sav’s Tips

  1. Go exactly 45 MPH - set your car in cruise control as soon as you see the first blue sign'

  2. Hug the lane as close to the line as you can and you will find the rumble

  3. Roll down the windows! You can hear the tune with them up but so much better when rolled down

  4. Record it :) You’ll want to remember your giggles when you hear it forever!

Musical Highway New Mexico | SaltWaterVibes

What are some fun things you have done on Route 66?

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