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Olivine Tidepools + SaltWaterVibes

Ever sense visiting the Makapu'u Tidepools on Oahu...I have become obsessed with tidepools! Mostly because it is like living in a dream; the vast ocean before you, a perfect natural swimming pool, and the amazing fish they hold. It's almost like a secret goal of mine to go to tidepools on all of the islands like Queens Bath on Kauai, these here on Maui, Sandy Tidepools on Oahu and I'll let you know the rest when I get there! :) These tidepools are located on the Kahekili Highway on the West/North side of Maui. Just about a 10 min drive down the road from the Nakalee Lookout! 

Olivine Tidepools + SaltWaterVibes

It is a bit of a hike down, and it can be very slippary with the loose dirt and rocks so PLEASE be very cautious and go slow. I always walk sideways for better grip! Once you hike all the way down you will have to walk around the tidepools to the one closest to the ocean. Unless of course the others are full and swimmable then dive in! When I was there, their was only one that was safe for swimming. Going early in the day will increase your chances of full pools and less crowds! 

Olivine Tidepools + SaltWaterVibes

To get in you can jump from the rock (Right Side) or slowly dip your self in! I dove in, and the tidepools are about 8 feet deep so you wont hit the bottom! But still be careful and cautious of your surroundings. I would recommend bringing some goggles becuase looking at the tidepools is always my favorite part! There are tons of fish to see! 

Nakalele Lookout + SaltWaterVibes

It was such a fun stop on our drive and was the perfect way to cool off! I was a little shocked by how crowded it was! I had just recently heard about them so still kind of expected it to be a hidden gem but it is a pretty popular spot! So I recommend going early early in the morning (8 am ish) or right around sunset to avoid the crowds!  

Olivine Tidepools + SaltWaterVibes

Make sure you bring sunscreen regardless the time of day becuase there is no shade to hid under here! Also bring LOTS of water! Becuase regardless of the day the sun is hot and swimming will dehydrate you! 

how to get here


They are located on Mile Marker 16 on the Kahekili Highway, so just pay attention to the GREEEN signs on the side of the road. If you stop at the Nakalele Lookout it is just 10-15 min up the road from there. There will be tons of cars, and spaces so you will know where to park. From there you can walk along any of the paths and they will all end up on the mountain down. 


Tidepools can be very dangerous, especially if you don't know much about them. People have died and been injured here. Always check tide before you go, and if you see massive waves crashing over and into the tidepools, please do not go down. Those waves can sweep you off your feet and drag you to the open ocean. So if you are unsure its better not to risk it, especially in the winter months! Also while exploring the ground may look like fun, it can be very dangerous becuase you can easily loose your footing and fall into the open ocean where currents are STRONG. And most importantly: just becuase someone else is doing something does NOT mean you should too. Use common sense and good judgement! 

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