Sandy's Beach Park

Hoooo Brah!

Sandy's Beach Park is located on the East side of Oahu. It is know for its epic shore break making it popular for body surfing and boogie boarding. Even a bit further into the ocean you will see people on their surf boards! Some snorkelers may pop up every now and then too. 

Lots of people hang out on the beach and grill out and talk story with friends. They play beach games like frisbee and volleyball and often times someone will be blasting a killer playlist. Its a super fun hang out, and in fact was President Obama's favorite beach growing up! 

Rashawn and I love to go to Sandy's and play on the shore break and watch waves. Its a fantastic spot for people watching and you can often see some pretty epic wipeouts! Its a go to on our list! 


This picture is such an accurate representation of me at the beach because I always have the biggest grin! I have probably been to Sandy's like a hundred times and every time I am still this happy! The ocean is just so vast and their is so much we have yet to discover about it it just makes me so happy. Like hello people a whole different world lives below this surface!


Taking pictures of foam could honestly be a skill on resume! I love it so much. Every time the water hits the shore its unique and perfect. Especially that moment right before she pulls the water back when it perfectly sits, AGH! Its just so perfect!


Sandys is usually full of people like I mentioned! This was a weekday so their are always less people but this was also taken during a hurricane so lots of people avoided the beach! However if you kept walking down the shore you would run into people watching the waves and those who were actually brave enough to get in!


Sandy's Beach will always give you a workout. Wether you are surfing the waves or running from the shore break, you will be sure to get some exercise! The best part is that its so fun! Honestly running to and from the waves is like the best activity. It just makes me laugh and laugh, did I mention the wipeouts!? 


This day Mother Nature really was calling for experts only! The waves were SO BIG, at lest ten feet some of them more! Their was no way I was going to battle those bad boys, plus the current was the strongest I have even seen! Driving up to the beach I could see the current from the road!


Uh ya, we will leave this one to the experts!


Sandy's Beach park does have its name for a good reason! The sand!! The shore break is really just a wave of sand and when you get caught in it, there is no going back! I always joke that Rashawn's hair goes from black to blonde because of all the sand it gets. I will picking it out of his fro for days after. Boys always remember to empty our your swim trunk shorts because thats also a sand catcher dreamland!

SeaFoam Shore

Sandy's Beach Park is actually one of the most dangerous beaches on the island. It has the highest number of broken backs and bones every year. So naturally, their will always be a fire truck or ambulance when you're there! Its super important to ask the life guards about the conditions that day and make sure its safe to go in. Often times, people will have to be rescued because of the waves or current and I don't want that to be you! If your unsure just chill and watch the waves! There are much safer beaches with no wicked shore break down the road!


He's my 'Bae" Watch ;)


Here you can find a little bit more detailed information on the beach!