First Date

It's Funny Where You End Up. 

I deep down knew that the first few times I saw Rashawn I was going to be with him. I don't know if it was love at first sight persay but, I was pretty drawn to him. First I mean look at that killer smile! How can you resit it? But besides that Rashawn is the first person that I have genuinely felt like myself with. Of course that took time and trust to build up, but he is the first person to break down all of my walls. 

He is honestly the funniest person I know. I mean he is always making me giggle with his silly snaps, dance moves and singing, and his hilarious bursts of energy! He always makes me feel safe. Ever sense I met him he has always walked on the outside of the street so he's on the side of the cars. I always thought that was the most gentleman and thoughtful thing and he even does it when he's mad :) He really is so special. 


Our very first "official" date was supposed to be to Lanikai Pill Box. But we got semi lost and ended up down the road at Kailua. The date its self was actually perfect to me. We woke up really early and he just sprung it on me that we were going on a hike. I was still in my glam phase so I remember him waiting in my room while I was putting on makeup and he was laughing that I really would put makeup on before the beach. (Im still so guilty :))


We road the like three buses for a total of two and half hours before finally seeing a Starbucks to get out at. We had to start the day peppy right :) It was PERFECT because it was pumpkin spice latte season (so white girl I know). So we very happily enjoyed those as we tried to wander to the Pill Boxes. 


We got lost through some neighborhoods but neither of us cared because we were so lost in conversation. We were pretty darn close at this point but this was the first real date we got to go out alone so we could talk about anything. He will be so mad at me for saying this but he was so love struck on this day because he never wanted to let go of my hand! I was laughing all day because thats so not me, especially because he really wasn't even my boyfriend yet. But of course I went along cause I was love struck too ;) 


After wandering for a good hour we found Kailua Beach and decided to just hang there instead. Honestly I can't help laughing looking back at it because it probably looked like we were on a honeymoon or something!! We really stick out every where we go and back then we were still so young, awkward and fumbley so I can only imagine how silly we looked!


In the end besides all the spontaneous change of plans, long bus rides, getting lost, and semi-rainy weather it was the best first date I have ever had! Who can complain about Pumpkin Spice Lattes on a Beach In Hawaii with this handsome guy!?