Koko Crater Arch

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Looking for a challenging, adrenalin pumping, and amazing hike on Oahu? Then you defiantly need to check out Koko Crater Arch! The attraction is located on the East Side of Oahu, sort of above Cockroach Cove! The 'trail' begins on the left side of the mountain over the railing. 

It's a pretty quick hike up to the arch where the real fun begins! Here it can be a little scary, but nothing you can't handle unless you are afraid of narrow pathways and heights! I think the right side (when facing) is easier to get up but the left side (facing ocean) is easier when going down. However, you judge what you think is best and what you can manage.

Once you make it to the Arch you are treated with beautiful ocean views on both sides. You can have fun playing around the arch and taking some creative pictures! Bring lots of water, but there is shade underneath the arch! Bring a snack to enjoy here before heading down.

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Everyone has a blast taking pictures here because their are so many fun poses and pictures to do! A lot of people climb up on top of the arch, but I don not recommend doing this! You can risk falling which could be fatal. I promise being beneath the arch is the perfect experience. 

 I did this hike with my lovely friend Rachelle. She is my favorite person to adventure with! We always have fun together between tidepools, Pali Notches, and even Maui

This is such a unique hike on Oahu becuase of the perspective you recieve at the top. Sitting underneath the arch is so rewarding. Try an go during whale watching season (December- March) so you can see whales! 

Wear sneakers on this hike becuase you will need the gripping on the loose dirt and rocky areas. Don't forget sunscreen either! 

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Koko Crater Arch
Koko Crater Arch

how to get here


Your GPS should take you here, but park in the lot. You will take H1E until the Cockroach Cove lookout. You can park in the designated parking area. Please DO NOT park along the side of the road. Walk VERY carefully across the street and walk over the fence once you see the dirt trail head. 


This hike does contain narrow and steep trail heads. Please always watch your step and be cautious. Use your best judgment when at the Arch. Always pick up your trash and do not park on the side of the road, your car may be towed.