Shark Cage Diving

Danger is real, fear is a choice

Living in Hawaii I have the wonderful opportunity to explore so many great beaches, but more importantly so many great fish! Snorkeling in Hawaii's warm waters has easily been my favorite thing about living on island. Along with this, it's important I aquatint myself with those 'dangerous' fish: sharks.

Check out my two dives with sharks-- watch in HQ!

I did my fist 'bucket list' cage dive in Haliewa North Shore Oahu with Hawaii Shark Encounters. What an amazing experience. I was the second to enter the cage and as soon as I backed down the ladder and put my face under I was in full blown panic! I started to scream asking the friendly workers to please get me outta here!! When I looked underwater their had to be at lest 15 sharks of all sizes swarming the cage. 

After the captain calmed me down I was able to really enjoy these creatures. I saw two species that day, Sandbar and Galapagos. The Sandbar sharks were SO fast they would just zoom right past you and into the blue abyss. Galapagos were rather large. The biggest one we saw that day was 18 feet long! But these are the genital giants of the sea, with the lowest number of attacks.

The second time I went was with my boyfriend and his older sister who was visiting! It was so much fun. She found us these great deals on Groupon! There was only 6 of us on boat that day so we each had plenty of space in the cage! 

Some Suggestions:

  1. The water in the cage can be a bit rough so if you get sea sick or motion sick take something before hand and bring LOTS of water for after!
  2. They will provide you with snorkel gear so no need to purchase your own, but you are allowed to bring and use your own gear like I did!
  3. WEAR SUNSCREEN! A must in Hawaii, but especially out in the deep blue! 
  4. You don't want to miss this moment so I highly recommend having a GoPro or an underwater camera...even a disposable! However you can use one of the GoPros on ship and purchase the memory card! 
  5. Remember to breath :) once your initial shock rubs off it's an experience of a life time! 

I defiantly recommend checking this off your bucket list because it gives you a whole new perspective and appreciation for sharks! You can really see them on a first hand level in their natural habitat. They really are some cool creatures! The wonderful people of Hawaii Shark Encounters will also tell you anything you want to know about sharks! They have so much knowledge. 

Here is the link to Hawaii Shark Encounter's Website where you can find all the information on times, prices, and safety processions!

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how to get here


Hawaii Shark Encounters is located in the Haleiwa Boat Harbor just outside off historic Haleiwa town. Detailed instructions can be found here. But you will come through town and turn by the 76 gas station toward the harbor. There is a large parking area and Hawaii Shark Encounters can be found by the bathrooms across the lot. 


These are live animals and can do anything at anymoment. However the Shark team is very knowlegable and can handle any situation should there be one. You will be out in the open ocean where sea sickness can get the strongest stomaches. Make sure you bring along water and some motion sickness medicine. Please do not do this activity if you are not comfortable in the water.