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Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake is located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and is so worth the mountain drive. You may have seen it on various blogs or explore pages because it is so unique! I remember the entire hike I had this imagine in my head from seeing the pictures, but when I finally saw it I was even more impressed! Pictures hardly do it justice; it's magical.

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Off Roading

While in Lake, City this summer, my family and I also got to do some serious off roading! While in Telluride last summer my dad, brother, and I did an off roading tour with Telluride Off-road Adventures to the old mining grounds. It was SO COOL! We knew our off roading days were not over then. So this summer when we found a few off roading sites in Lake City we were pretty excited! Even more so when we convinced my mom to come with us this time! 

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