Knowing: 5 Things you Can Do to Save The Ocean Today

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Welcome to part one of our fifth three part series on environmental issues in our oceans. You can catch up on the other series here. Our oceans need our help if we want to keep exploring, enjoying and existing! 

Knowing: 5 Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean Today | SaltwaterVibes + Saving Blue

It is amazing how much buzz our oceans are causing these days. From shark finning, to coral bleaching, the ungodly amount of plastic, and even oil drilling, its so encouraging to see these topics being brought into the public light. Here at Saving Blue we feel an obligation to keep you informed, but also to help inspire a real change in your life. 

Knowing: 5 Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean Today | SaltwaterVibes + Saving Blue

I recently saw the Australian Documentary Blue and it was so moving. It is playing in over 6 countries so see if a screening is showing by you here. The film covered the ocean as a whole and all of the issues surrounding it. If you are new here then I'll give you a quick breakdown. 

what are the issues?

Unfortunately there are quite a few. Undoubtably the two biggest issues are the Plastic and Coral Bleaching. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish if we continue to live they way we do with no change. Not only will we have a sea of plastic in 2050 we will also have NO coral reefs - which will completely shut down our worlds largest eco system. There are other issues not to be left out like the insane rate of shark finning, illegal and overfishing, the warmer water temperatures, decline in our marine life species and increase for endangered sea life + more. While it can feel overwhelming - just know your own two hands can still make a huge impact. 

Knowing: 5 Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean Today | SaltwaterVibes + Saving Blue

how can i learn more?

There is so much power in knowledge and that is always the first step to helping any issue. You can start by reading about one of our series on Oil Drilling, Coral Bleaching, Plastic Pollution, and Climate Change. Some of our favorite organizations here at Saving Blue are Plastic Oceans, Chasing Coral, Mission Blue, and 5 Gyres. All of there sites have great resources and ways to help get involved. 

There is a plethora of information out their - after we learn all the real facts it can get very overwhelming and quite depressing. But instead of these sad feelings let it INSPIRE you! All these issues mean we have the opportunity to dig deep and fix them. It gives every human and opportunity to live each day better and more environmentally cautious. WE can truly be the change. 

Knowing: 5 Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean Today

In part three of this series I will dive into the 5 ways to help today in lots of detail + a free printout! This first post, Knowing, is always about bringing the issue, or issues, to light in a way that will make YOU want to help too. But before then you can surly do your part by continuing to get information about the ocean and take a look at your life. Are you using single use plastic items? Do you waste things? Do you really know where your trash and recycles are going? Have you eaten fish from an illegal fish trade? There are so many ways we can look at our own life and weigh the consequences of our actions. What are some things you want to change? 

Knowing: 5 Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean Today | SaltWaterVibes

Join Saving Blue next Friday for Part 2, Caring: 5 Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean Today, to discover why we truly must care about the alarming issues in our waters.

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