Seoul Fortress Wall

Welcome to the Seoul Fortress Wall! Before heading to South Korea I did a lot of research on stuff to do + things to see, and stumbled across this amazing sight. Online it sounded like the Great Wall of China - but Seoul version! The only problem - I had no idea where the heck it was or how to find it! So, it seemed like a far out dream to actually see it. 

The Grand Canyon: North Rim

Welcome to the North Rim! Fun fact: only 10% of all people who have been to the Grand Canyon, have been to the North Rim! You may be wondering what the heck the North Rim even is!? The Grand Canyon is one big park, but it is separated by two sides, the South Rim and the North Rim. The South Rim was responsible for 90% of last years 6 MILLION visitors. 

Knowing: 5 Things you Can Do to Save The Ocean Today

It is amazing how much buzz our oceans are causing these days. From shark finning, to coral bleaching, the ungodly amount of plastic, and even oil drilling, its so encouraging to see these topics being brought into the public light. Here are Saving Blue we feel an obligation to keep you informed but also to help inspire real change in your life. 

Red Rock Canyon

Welcome to Red Rock Canyon, one of - if not the, most popular Park in Nevada! This beautiful slice of life sits on the Mojave Desert and is home to stunning hikes, views, climbs, and tortoises! [I know I know, the excitement is real]. 

Seven Magic Mountains

Let's be honest, does one really go to Vegas without the iconic Seven Magic Mountain pic? I think not 😎. This art exhibit has been on my 'insta' bucketlist for a while. I convinced my mom to make a drive with me and let's just say... it's totally worth it. 


After what seems like forever (and a day) I have finally launched SaltWaterGoods. If you have been following me for any stretch of time you might have seen me bring it up once or twice then  *crickets*.  To be honest, I was just so scared! What if you guys hate it - what if no wants it - what if, what if what if.... 

A Look Inside The Rotterdam Cube Houses

One of the best parts of traveling is seeing how other people live across the world. It opens your mind to new ways of life, and makes you appreciate the way you live even more. Rotterdam, Netherlands already has a long list of attractive adventures, but a trip to this city is truly not complete without walking into these modern apartments. 

22 Things You Learn At 22

Tomorrow marks my 23rd journey around the sun. I feel so weird about this age - and I can’t really tell you why other than the fact it makes me feel grown. 22 was all about having fun and learning to live with an attitude of gratitude. I embarked on a year of unknowns, travels, and learning a lot more than I bargained for! 

Caring: Offshore Oil Spills

Last week we talked about offshore drilling and oil spills: what exactly they are and why they are happening. This week however, we will be discussing why we actually need to care about this issue. Many of us remember the images like the one below surfacing the web during the BP Oil Spill. But we could not anticipate the magnitude of the effects of this event even still today, 10 years later. Let’s take a look at how from even thousands of miles away, these oil spills are affecting us all.