Saving Blue + SaltWaterVibes
“From knowing causes caring, and from caring causes change.”
— Craig Leeson

Welcome to Saving Blue

our mission here is to help educate and inspire change. our oceans are the lifeline to our planet and they need our help now more than ever. read though informative posts, ask questions and join us every wednesday for a series on issues in our oceans. 

meet the team

georgia burns

Hey guys, my name’s Georgia! I’m a Colorado native who may not spend as much time by the ocean as I wish, but am here to protect it. I recently graduated from CU Boulder with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. During that time, I took a Sustainable Operations course that inspired me to take the health of our planet seriously.

Savannah and I created this project because we recognize we can no longer ignore the continuing crisis in our oceans. Big Blue is hurting, and hurting badly.  That is why, it is up to us to educate ourselves, do better, and protect our future.

savannah rose

Aloha I'm Sav! I started SaltWaterVibes with a mission to make travel better. A few years later and I'm setting on a new mission: making the oceans better. I am a true ocean child who not only finds her peace deep in Big Blue, but also my passions. Seeing damage first hand has empowered me to make a difference and Save Big Blue. 

This project is here to help educate, communicate, and of course inspire people like you to take real actions that help the world's largest eco-system. We are always here for conversation and questions so drop us a note and lets chat! 


Seventy percent of our planet is in trouble and needs your help.

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