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Caring: Above the Ocean Surface

Last week you learned some cold hard facts about climate change and how its effecting our oceans. If you missed it you can catch up here real quick. Now that you know what the issue is, you maybe wondering how does this really effect me or why should I care? 

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Knowing: Above the Ocean Surface

Our first two series on Saving Blue educated you on whats really happening below our ocean surface - with thousands of tons of plastic clogging our sea to our coral bleaching and dying off - the sea needs our help. But under the surface is only half the battle here. To understand our ocean's issues and how we can help it we need to face the reality of Climate Change and how that effects big blue.

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Caring: Coral Reefs

Last Wednesday, we explored the issue of a catastrophic event taking place right now, all over our oceans: global coral bleaching.  As mentioned in last week’s post, by 2050 scientists anticipate the death of 90% of all coral reefs, worldwide. For many of us this issue is out of sight, out of mind and it is hard to imagine the loss of a species that many of us have never actually seen.  But unfortunately the death of this species will have a massive global impact on both those who are near and far from our waters.

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Caring: Plastic Ocean

Last week we dove straight into the heart of the issue at hand: plastic. Everywhere. Our oceans are screaming for help as the dangerous situation continually occurs. You learned about the cold hard facts of plastic in our oceans, but why should you care? You may be thinking, "so what if our ocean floor is covered in plastic bottles? It's not affecting me." I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but truth is, it does matter and it does affect you.

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Knowing: Plastic Ocean

Have you ever thought about plastic? What it’s made from? Where does it go after it’s thrown away? How is it recycled?  Why is it  e v e r y w h e r e?

Our plastic pollution isn’t just a problem any more - it’s a crisis.

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