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Caring: 5 Things you Can Do to Save The Ocean Today

Last week we scratched the surface on some issues in our oceans. But what does it all mean for you? Why should you do 5 things, let alone any things to help save our oceans? Well let me tell ya - their is a whole lot of reasons to care, and they all effect you. 

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Knowing: 5 Things you Can Do to Save The Ocean Today

It is amazing how much buzz our oceans are causing these days. From shark finning, to coral bleaching, the ungodly amount of plastic, and even oil drilling, its so encouraging to see these topics being brought into the public light. Here are Saving Blue we feel an obligation to keep you informed but also to help inspire real change in your life. 

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Change: Plastic Ocean

By now you are well aware of the impact of Plastic on our oceans, and hopefully if you're reading this you were inspired to put those emotions into actions and make a change! There are so many ways we are hurting our oceans, but there is also so many ways we can help. 

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Caring: Plastic Ocean

Last week we dove straight into the heart of the issue at hand: plastic. Everywhere. Our oceans are screaming for help as the dangerous situation continually occurs. You learned about the cold hard facts of plastic in our oceans, but why should you care? You may be thinking, "so what if our ocean floor is covered in plastic bottles? It's not affecting me." I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but truth is, it does matter and it does affect you.

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Knowing: Plastic Ocean

Have you ever thought about plastic? What it’s made from? Where does it go after it’s thrown away? How is it recycled?  Why is it  e v e r y w h e r e?

Our plastic pollution isn’t just a problem any more - it’s a crisis.

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