Swimming With Turtles on Oahu

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Where to Swim With Turtles on Oahu + SaltWaterVibes

Swimming with sea turtles (or honu here in Hawaii) is an experience unlike any other. To be just inches from such cool and calm creatures is something I hope everyone gets to experience while in Hawaii! The beaches listed below often have turtles there, but a sighting is no guarantee as these are wild animals with minds of there own :) I am simply sharing spots that I have swam with turtles at before. Turtles love coral so if you find a livley bunch a turtle is probably not far. But before you go please remember these three rules...

  1. NEVER touch, ride, or grab a turtle. This is an illegal crime subject to a large fine if caught.
  2. Never chase a turtle. They could swim into unseen currents or take you to far from shore.
  3. Always be aware of your surroundings while at sea.

waikiki beach

Where to Swim With Turtles on Oahu + SaltWaterVibes
Where to Swim With Turtles on Oahu + SaltWaterVibes

Waikiki Beach is a common spot for our friends crush. There are specific boat tours for those who want to see them from deck, or tours for more experienced divers, and even just regular snorkelers. Once you get out the water can be up to 30 feet deep so please keep this in mind based on your swim ability. There are always turtles starting one mile off shore so it is recommended you take transportation out. If you don't want to take a boat out to see them, head to the nearest coral patch near shore. Turtles often cruise the shallow water and catch a bite to eat especially in the morining. 

ADDRESS: 2605 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

waimea bay

Where to Swim With Turtles on Oahu + SaltWaterVibes

In the summer time Waimea Bay is one of the best beaches on the island. From jumping from the rock to kicking it with these guys you will never be sorry stopping here. Turtles and other fish often hang out by the lively coral just off the jumping rock. Water is pretty deep here so please be an experienced swimmer. Turtles also cruise by the right hand side of the beach near the large coral mounds.

ADDRESS: 61-31 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712

laniakea beach

Where to Swim With Turtles on Oahu + SaltWaterVibes

If swimming isn't quite your thing, don't stress you can still see our Honu! These giants love to come up shore here at Laniakea Beach. These turtles often need to catch some rays so they climb up on shore and hang out. Please DO NOT touch or feed them as they are still a wild animal and endangered. There is usually a marked area around them and someone there to answer questions so please stay back and respect there space. They are endangered so it is very important to respect there space! 

ADDRESS: 574, 61-574 Pohaku Loa Way, Haleiwa, HI 96712

cockroach cove

Where to Swim With Turtles on Oahu + SaltWaterVibes

This Cove is often filled with Honu and other fun secrets. On a good day, you can find your self swimming with three or more turtles at one time.  It is rare I come here and don't run into one or some cool fish. Please watch the waves here as they can get pretty strong so if conditions look to dangerous do not get in. 

ADDRESS: Halona Beach Cove, Hawaii 96825

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Always make sure you can swim back to shore. If you cannot make the trip there and back DO NOT attempt to swim out. Never chase down a turtle as they can lead you to dangerous territory and always be aware of your surroundings