Opaekaa Falls

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Opeakaa Falls + Salt Water Vibes

One of the best things about Kauai (although their is many) is how many abundant and stunning waterfalls their are. Opaekaa Falls is located on the east side of Kauai about 15 minutes from the Lihue Airport or 5 minutes from Wailua Falls. It is totally worth going if you have your own rental car and are down to drive around and explore some!

Opeakaa Falls + SaltWaterVibes

Driving on the islands main, and pretty much only, highway going Northbound you will see signs for Opaekaa Falls and just follow them. They will land you directly into the viewing parking lot. I was super surprised by how far away the falls were. They are pretty tucked into the valley! Unlike Wailua falls which was pretty much right in front of you, this one took some eye squints!

Opeakaa Falls + SaltWaterVibes

The valley is super luscious just like the rest of the island. The green mountains and plants on the road side is so refreshing from the tall buildings and stores on Oahu. It made everything more beautiful! 

Opeakaa Falls + SaltWaterVibes

This is how far away the falls really was from the railing! It was still beautiful and I was impressed by its size but wish I could see it more up and personal. There is a possibility some river tours offer kayak tours to the falls via the Wailua River. 

Opeakaa Falls + SaltWaterVibes

I highly recommend walking across the street from the falls lookout to look over the Wailua Valley. It is SO lushes and green. You will probably see kayakers and Stand Up Paddlers come and go. There are tons of tour on the river to kayak to secrete water falls and other fun places. I'm in the works of creating a Subscription package that will include more information so stay tuned. 

Opeakaa Falls + SaltWaterVibes

They even offer some information on the area. The views go on for miles with valley and mountains so it really is worth the super short walk across the street!

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Driving on route 580, you will come across the falls about 2 miles from highway 56. Their are lots of signs pointing to the falls and the one road makes it very easy to find. Their is a large area for parking.