Wailua Falls

rainbow falls

Wailua Falls + Salt Water Vibes

This is a real place on Earth and it is magical. Wailua Falls is actually a very touristy spot: as it should be. Its beauty should be seen by all! Heading North on Kaumualii Highway you will see plenty of signs pointing to the falls, and your GPS is also sure to take you there, it is pretty much a straight shot! 

Wailua Falls + Salt Water Vibes

Their is a parking lot to park at for free, and we got a spot right away because people are constantly coming and going. Once you get to the parking lot there is a cement wall and railing to view the falls behind. And people: Please stay behind  the railing as it is a HUGE drop off if you have one misstep on the other side. We saw people crazy enough to dare hop the railing and we were cringing the entire time. 

Wailua Falls + Salt Water Vibes

I am a braid enthusiast and really want to keep learning more styles and get better. A lot of my braids are inspired by Amber Fillerup-- she is an amazing blogger. My style is super messy, and especially here in Hawaii my hair gets tangled super easy. I was thinking of posting a few of my favorites in a tutorial...stay stunned! Let me know if you are interested :)  

Wailua Falls + Salt Water Vibes

So I have seen in Snapchats like @broklyinhawaii (she's so amazing) and Instagrams all over pictures of this Rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall. Ever sense then I was day dreaming about seeing it. Honestly I was jealous like 'wow all these people saw it at the perfect time of day right after it rained!!' Then when we go there, I realized the way the falls reflect the sun in the sunlight always makes a rainbow HA! So go see it at any time during the sunny hours and you too will experience the magic. 

Wailua Falls + Salt Water Vibes

Ok so I am sure some of you are wondering if it is possible to swim in the falls: kinda. It is illegal to do the trails to the top or the bottom of the falls but: both have clear trails, juts a sign or two saying 'don't do this'. But their is a fine in all seriousness and I have heard that the hike down is VERY hard and steep so do it at your own risk. And again golden rule of thumb: if the locals aren't going you shouldn't either. 

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how to get here


It is located of Highway 583 and is very accessible. There is a parking lot there open to everyone. Many signs along the road will also help guide you here. 


Please do not hop this railing. It is a straight drop down to the falls and can be fatal. Also do not try to attempt walking down the falls as the trail is very step and muddy.