Anahola Beach

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Anahola Beach + Salt Water Vibes

While on vacation it is so easy to rack up that credit card: trust me I know. As I grow up and have the urge to travel more, and maybe a little influence from my Finance 314 class, I now know the importance of planning a travel budget. While exploring the islands there is one huge expense we have to give up: hotels. We try to camp every night and then splurge one night on a hotel to reward our selves for bracing the wild! One of the nights we set up camp at Anahola Beach on the East side of Kauai!

Anahola Beach + Salt Water Vibes

We didn't get in this water and play because we only came to camp! This spot was sooo great because they have flushing bathrooms, showers, and GRASS! So no sand critters like the first night :) We got to stretch out our tent nice and big because stakes stay much better in grass than sand... go figure ;) It was super relaxing and a super nice spot! They have picnic tables as well!

Anahola Beach + Salt Water Vibes

In the morning I woke up and walked along the beach a little bit and dipped my toes in the water! It looked like it was going to be some more beautiful water when the sun was all the way up!

Anahola Beach + Salt Water Vibes
Anahola Beach + Salt Water Vibes

Also in Kauai there are SO MANY CHICKENS!!! Like everyyyywhere. So do not be surprised by the wake up calls throughout the night and early morning! They really are so beautiful though you almost don't mind :) 

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Anahola Beach is located just off the main highway heading North. You will see signs telling you have entered Anahola and just past the first sign will be a road on the right taking you to this camp sight and beach. Their is plenty of parking. 


As many places in Hawaii, their are homeless people at this beach sometimes but they are harmless, just be sure to lock up your belongings and report anything suspicious to the Police. Always be aware of tides and currents and use your best judgement. You should also purchase a camping permit for this campsite.