All in Hawaii

Sea Glass Beach

Sea Glass Beach is located on the South Shore of Kauai about 10 minutes from Salt Pond Beach. It is such a unique beach because the sand is mostly made up of Sea Glass! Sea Glass is made from broken bottles, windshields, flasks or anything glass really. The movement of the ocean smooths it out over time and add this frost like finish to it! It is truly amazing. 


Kahala Beach Park is my absolute go to beach here on Oahu. I mean for EVERYTHING. To snorkel, to float, to talk, to take pictures, to read, to tan, to think, and to BE. It is so amazing. It is just beautiful clear water that is up to your knees for miles. 

Makapuu Tidepools

The State of Hawaii recently worked on the re-pavement and safety of this hike making it and extremely popular hike, including its on Snapchat geo-filter! Here you can read more about the project. But because of this it has drew WAY more crowds than I thought possible. About 3/4 up the trail you will see these tidepools. There actually is a semi-marked path all the way down and is relatively easy! 

Lulumahu Falls

On my Birthday I was lucky enough to see this beautiful sight! Rashawn had a club activity hiking to Lulumahu Falls and I could not resit tagging along. Below is a short video of the trail, it's s o  c o o l! I highly recommend this hike because it's easy, stunning, and who doesn't love a waterfall!?

Swimming in the Sea

Growing up in Colorado, I was always dreaming of the water. I was landlocked there, and the only source of water near me were a few lakes and a man made reservoir. I loved seeing pictures and watching documentaries about sea life and I just dreamed of getting to see and experience those things one day. I honestly think thats what sent me to Hawaii, despite all the craziness that comes from living here, I would never trade it for the world because of the ocean. 

Pali Notches


Or at least that is what it felt like hiking the Pali Notches located on the East Side of Oahu. This insane trailhead and can be accessed right by the Pali Lookout! The views on this hike are spectacular, but let me warn you this hike is not for your average joe-shmow!!

Twin Falls is a great way to start the trip! With fruit stands and banana bread stands it's a nice place to start and get breakfast! Not only that but a very short walk will take you to the twin falls! I did the Road To Hana in the Winter, so flooding and muddy water is almost unavoidable! During the summer season you can swim and hang out in these falls which are blue then! Make sure you bring some old tennis shoes in the Winter because the path was pretty muddy! 


The bluest of blues water and the whitest of white sand is what you get on the voted number on beach on Oahu. Waimanlo is on the east side heading North towards Lankiai beach. The water is so blue and relaxing you can float out there for hours! Many people bring floaties and fins and play all day.