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This winter break Rashawn and I got to experience California Living! I have probably been to the state 10 times but this was the first trip I got to explore on my own and move around! We started in LA and went to San Francisco and ended in New Port Beach! It is so much fun to travel at this age, and especially with your best friend. Experiencing things together makes the trips more memorable and way more fun! 

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I was proudly the happiest 20 year old at Disneyland the other day. Rashawn was so sweet and got me tickets to Disneyland, California for Christmas because I have been wanting to go with him for so long! We got so lucky because we went just in time for to see the 60th Anniversary decorations still up, and the park was still decorated for Christmas as well so we got double the magic!! 

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Pacific Coast Highway

It is safe to say I have a thing for coastal drives. Between my Island Tour of Oahu, driving the Road To Hana, or the Piliani Highway and now the Pacific Coast Highway: oceanside is the place to be. The drives are so amazing because who doesn't sit in awe of the amazing coasts we have?! The drive its self is so beautiful and there is actually so much to do on the way! We will be back because we didn't get to see and do all we wanted!

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