Ten Things To Do On Kauai

ten things you can't miss on kauai

The Garden Isle is a hidden pacific gem. This island is full beauty everywhere you look - from soaring cliffs, unique beaches, unreal canyons, and stunning waterfalls - Kauai will blow you away. Check out 10 fun things to do on Kauai below! 

1. see the waimea canyon

Waimea Canyon + SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. This luscious canyon will blow you away with its vast walls and beauty. There are tons of lookouts, hikes and activities to do here so take your pick or stop at a few! Read about hiking to the 80 foot cascading fall bwlow! This is a must see while here on Kauai. 

2. eat jo-jo shave ice

Jo-Jo Shave Ice + SaltWaterVibes
Jo-Jo Shave Ice + SaltWaterVibes

Shave Ice is an iconic sweet treat in Hawaii and a perfect way to cool off. JoJo Shave Ice is home to the best on Kauai! You will not be disappointed with any of the amazing flavors or combinations. I got a 'North Shore', and my mouth still waters thinking about it! There are two locations on Kauai: one on North Shore in Hanalei and one in Waimea!  With over 60 flavors their is a favorite for everyone! 

3. visit sea glass beach

Sea Glass Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Kauai is home to one of the most unique beaches in the world. Tons of our glass waste ends up in our ocean. Over time the glass is broken and smoothed out by the ocean currents. On the south shore of Kauai sea glass covers the entire stretch of the beach. The water is rather rocky but the unique beach makes sea glass beach a must stop. 

4. hike the na pali coast

Na Pali Coast + SaltWaterVibes

The Na Pali Coast should be a hike on everyone's bucket list. 22 miles of this untouched coastline is complete with hidden waterfalls and beaches to show you the true meaning of paradise. Hike some or all of this stunning trail but please read all regulations about permits before heading out! 

5. see Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls + SaltWaterVibes

Besides epic coastlines and beaches Kauai is home to some unreal waterfalls. Wailua Falls is perhaps one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Hawaii. While it is technically illegal to hike down to the fall, many visitors and locals take the risk. Get here at just the right time of day and magical rainbow will appear in front of your eyes. 

6. swim at Queens Bath

Queens Bath + SaltWaterVibes

Chances are if you have heard of Kauai you have heard of queens bath. This amazing ocean front tidepool is a paradise dream in real life. A short hike passing waterfalls and turtle towns will lead you to your own private ocean front pool. Don't forget your googles as this is home to some amazing fish! 

7. jump off Hanalei Pier 

Hanalei Pier + SaltWaterVibes

If Kauai's amazing cliff sides and sweet treats didn't convince you to come for a visit, Hanalei Pier just might do the trick. These amazing blue waters and stunning Na Pali mountains are a dream team. True adventures will jump from the pier to the crystal waters below. Don't forget your goggles becuase some neat fish hang out by the poles! 

8. sunset at Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach + SaltWaterVibes

This beach is perfect for snorkleing and turtles often frquent the area! However the real treat is at sunset when the sun sets behind the water right in front of you. This is one of the best places to see sunset on Kauai and also is a great spot for camping! 

9. Opaekaa Falls

Opaekaa Falls + SaltWaterVibes

Remember the whole home to amazing waterfalls? Opaekaa Falls is another sight not to miss here. Located across from the Wailua River and Valley this historic fall is a perfect image of paradise. While you cannot walk to the falls from the lookout the beauty of the surrouding areas make up for it. 

10. waipoo falls

Waipoo Falls + SaltWaterVibes
Waipoo Falls + SaltWaterVibes

Hiking to the 80 foot cascading falls into Waimea Canyon is as dreamy as it sounds. This epic hike will take you through the canyon and into some unreal views. You will be surrounded by green clift sides that will take your breath away. 

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