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Red Dirt Waterfalls

Aloha from the Garden Isle! This island is home to some of my favorite spots in all of Hawaii like Queens Bath and Tunnels Beach. After my latest trip to the Waimea Canyon, I just may have to add the Red Dirt Waterfall to my list! This stunning mini fall is a true eye catcher and defiantly worth the stop. 

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Waipoo Falls

Hopefully you are familiar with the Waimea Canyon now from my previous post if not catch up here! Inside this massive and amazing canyon is an 80 foot free falling waterfall called Waipoo Falls. Before getting to Kauai I did tons of research on what to do and I stumbled upon a website talking about hiking to the top of this waterfall. It actually sounded like a dream to me. But I wrote it down on my itinerary and did some more research to be sure. I tried to get as much info as possible to avoid surprises, but it still turned into a pretty spontaneous and adventurous time!

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Waimea Canyon

I was so anxious to go to Kauai and see the Waimea Canyon for my self. I had recently seen it a few times on Instagram and was memorized by the fact there was a giant canyon on an island. It seemed to good to be true! It was the first item on our list once arriving on kauai. We got settled in our car and started the almost 2 hour dive from the airport to the opposite side of the island to Waimea. 

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