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10 Things You Must Do In New York City

New York City is truly a place like no other. You can find just about every culture represented, the most unique experiences, and some of the best pizza in America. People wait and dream their whole lives to explore this city. So when you get your chance to walk this concrete jungle make sure you add these 10 Experiences in New York City to your list!

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Walk The High Line New York City

Let’s face it - New York is full of magical experiences and adventures that make you feel like you are on a movie set, or just living a double life! Walking the High Line to see Hudson Yards is a little bit of both!! Not only is the high line it’s self a must see and do while in the City, it now leads you to one of the coolest structures out East. So if exploring Chelsea, the high line, art galleries, and Hudson Yards wasn’t on your New York list before… it will be now!

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See The Statue Of Liberty For FREE!

When you think of New York - a few symbols might pop into your head. The Empire State, Central Park, a slice of Pizza, and of course the Statue of Liberty! On my last two trips to the city, seeing Lady Liberty has felt like a far out dream. For one, we always come in March and it is FREEZING. So anything by the water just sounds like a nightmare. And two, we are very frugal travelers. Paying $25+ each is just not in the New York budget right now! In doing my free research - I stumbled upon the Staten Island Ferry!

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