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Seeing the Na Pali Coast with Blue Ocean Adventures

The Na Pali Coast just might be the most magical place on earth. Home to unreal sea cliffs + waterfalls, turtles, dolphins, and sea caves for starters. I truly think it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and seeing the coast with Blue Ocean Adventures is the best way possible. 

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Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast has to be one of the most enchanting and magical places in the US. Twenty-two miles of unforgettable views and magic with every step. The Na Pali Coast has no road ways for those 22 miles and the only way to access this beautiful coast is by foot on the Kalalau Trail or boat.

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Tunnels Beach

Our trip to Kauai was surprisingly a very smooth trip (minus getting home). Everything just always seemed to work out and we got to see and experience so much. When I found out that our last nights planned camping spot was closed, I was a bit nervous. I had one other backup spot but couldn't remember much about it but off we went. And I am SO glad we did becuase the time we spent at Tunnels Beach was probably my favorite of the trip. It is located on the North Shore about one mile from the end of the road!

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