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How To Visit an Ancient Japanese Castle

When researching ‘Things to do in Osaka’ the Osaka Castle kept popping up so I finally broke down and added it to our list. After all a little culture surly couldn’t hurt us. It ended up being so beautiful and provided us an amazing overlook of the city of Osaka.

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Two For One: Osaka Aquarium and Tempozan Ferris Wheel

When I was doing research for this trip, there was no shortage of adventures. In fact, I had so much written down that I knew our two weeks in Japan wouldn’t even scratch the surface of all the fun! But, when I found out Osaka had one of the biggest aquariums, complete with Whale Sharks… our plans were magically cleared up ;)

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Tips For Tokyo Disney Sea

Welcome to Tokyo Disney Sea! This magical slice of Disney lives in the outskirts of Tokyo right on the…sea! I was so excited to check this park off my bucket list. Now, I know some great tips to help make your first visit, and my next, the most magical visit it can be! Now lets get started 😎

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An Adventure Up Tokyo Tower

I absolutely LOVE to see a city from a birds eye view. So it was no question that Rashawn and I had to see the Tokyo Tower while visiting Tokyo. There are so many reasons to visit Japan - and Tokyo Tower is one of them!

The Tower is 1,092 feet tall, which is just a couple hundred feet shorter than the Empire State Building! There are actually two observation decks on the tower, one at 150 meters and one at 250 meters! Both vary in hours of operation, cost, and overall experience.

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