SaltWaterGoods | SaltWaterVibes

its here. 

After what seems like forever (and a day) I have finally launched SaltWaterGoods. If you have been following me for any stretch of time you might have seen me bring it up once or twice then  *crickets*.  To be honest, I was just so scared! What if you guys hate it - what if no wants it - what if, what if what if.... 

Then I had a dream one night. More like an epiphany if I am being honest.  One day SaltWaterGoods will be an awesome eco friendly line that will not only help save the Earth, but help your travels and life too! So that leaves me here until then. 

welcome to my 'kickstart'

I originally designed over 100+ products for my Goods Shop. However, like I said my goal is to be as eco - friendly as possible, so I eliminated any plastic good or stuff that didn't align with my vision. So from there, I picked about 15 of my favorite peices and shared them with the world!! 

SaltWaterGoods | SaltWaterVibes

 My official goal is to raise $1000 to put towards my OFFICIAL SaltWaterGoods. I plan on having a wide range of fun stuff from paper straws, reusable bags, and of course awesome shirts and travel goodies! 

SaltWaterGoods | SaltWaterVibes

For now you can choose from beach towels, reusable bags, hats, and shirts! I can't wait to hear what you think and hopefully see you rock some of the Goods yourself!! If you do post a picture and tag me @saltwatervibesblog or use the #SaltWaterGoods :)

I appreciate your support more than ANYTHING in the whole world!!! Whether you read the blog, follow me on social media, buy one of my products, or even just send a good vibe - know how thankful and appreciatve I am for you and your support. I would be no where without YOU. [yes YOU reading this right now!!!] 

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help - I am always here!