Five Eats You Can’t Miss In New York | Friday Five

If I know anything about New York - it is that you will never go hungry! With Endless options for food and tasty treats on every corner, it is almost impossible not to spend the whole trip with a fork in hand! Check out Five Eats You Can’t Miss In New York!

1. The Rainbow Bagel 

I have been trying to get a rainbow bagel for the past three times I came to New York. This time my dream finally came true… but in an odd way. While in Connecticut, my dad told us we HAD to visit a grocery store called Stew Leonard’s. We listened and - it ended up being the most magical grocery store we have ever seen!! To my surprise they even had rainbow bagels. However if you want to get the authentic New York Rainbow Bagel experience then head to The Bagel Store in Williamsburg.


2. A Black and White Cookie  

While in New York my taste buds always have one thing on their mind: a black-and-white cookie. If you’ve never experienced one of these a magical treats - then book a ticket to New York right now!! You can find them in just about any local bakery or a corner bagel shop. I got my load from Have-a-bagel in Brooklyn and they were so delicious we ended up bringing boxes home to our friends and family! There is no other place like New York Black & White Cookies.


3. A New York Slice  

Going to New York and not getting a slice of pizza, is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower - you just don’t do it!! Now, New Yorkers could get into some real debates on where the best slice is - but if you’re asking me, there is only one spot: Originals. This is the true authentic thin greasy slice you hear about in movies. My longtime friend and true Brooklyn-nite showed us last year and we have never looked back! Make sure to bring cash because it’s cash only! They do have an ATM if needed. Oh - and order a grandma slice, TRUST ME :)

4. Little Italy + China Town  

One thing I love about New York is all of the unique experiences you can only have here. Little Italy and China Town are one of those things! You should come and walk the streets regardless of eats and treat’s - although I am sure plenty will entice you on the way :) We had the most delicious meal at Joe’s Shanghai in China Town, although it is also a cash only establishment so come prepared! A few days later my wonderful Aunt took us too the famous Ferrara’s for Cannolis and the best Salted Carmel Frappe I have ever had!


5. A New York Brunch  

A Sunday morning brunch or nice meal at an authentic dinner is a must in New York. There are specials brunches all across the city with great deals and bottomless drinks. We ate at a few dinners and shared a wonderful meal with family at The Smith in Manhattan. You truly cannot beat either experience in this city because of the wonderful diversity here. There are so many amazing places to eat In New York, and there is always something for everyone’s taste buds!

What are some iconic eats you always get in New York?