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Knowing: 5 Things you Can Do to Save The Ocean Today

It is amazing how much buzz our oceans are causing these days. From shark finning, to coral bleaching, the ungodly amount of plastic, and even oil drilling, its so encouraging to see these topics being brought into the public light. Here are Saving Blue we feel an obligation to keep you informed but also to help inspire real change in your life. 

Caring: Offshore Oil Spills

Last week we talked about offshore drilling and oil spills: what exactly they are and why they are happening. This week however, we will be discussing why we actually need to care about this issue. Many of us remember the images like the one below surfacing the web during the BP Oil Spill. But we could not anticipate the magnitude of the effects of this event even still today, 10 years later. Let’s take a look at how from even thousands of miles away, these oil spills are affecting us all.

Knowing: Offshore Oil Spills

In this months series we will explore the direct effect of our seemingly unquenchable thirst for black gold: otherwise known as petroleum oil. This particular energy source touches our lives almost every single day and there is no doubt that the U.S. would be a very different place without it. However, oil is a limited source and unfortunately a tremendously hazardous one to marine environments when leaked. Regardless, we continue to search for vast quantities of it, which leads to today's topic: offshore drilling and oil spills in our oceans.

Change: Coral Reefs

The past couple weeks we have explored the devastating effects of coral bleaching on our reefs. From marine life, to ourselves, the loss of the reefs will bring many difficult consequences for our planet in the near future. As challenging as it is to accept the idea that global coral bleaching is a result of human activity, we must embrace it and move forward with action. This week Saving Blue will be sharing what YOU can do to participate in preserving our reefs. Here’s what you can do to get started.

Caring: Coral Reefs

Last Wednesday, we explored the issue of a catastrophic event taking place right now, all over our oceans: global coral bleaching.  As mentioned in last week’s post, by 2050 scientists anticipate the death of 90% of all coral reefs, worldwide. For many of us this issue is out of sight, out of mind and it is hard to imagine the loss of a species that many of us have never actually seen.  But unfortunately the death of this species will have a massive global impact on both those who are near and far from our waters.

Change: Plastic Ocean

By now you are well aware of the impact of Plastic on our oceans, and hopefully if you're reading this you were inspired to put those emotions into actions and make a change! There are so many ways we are hurting our oceans, but there is also so many ways we can help. 

Caring: Plastic Ocean

Last week we dove straight into the heart of the issue at hand: plastic. Everywhere. Our oceans are screaming for help as the dangerous situation continually occurs. You learned about the cold hard facts of plastic in our oceans, but why should you care? You may be thinking, "so what if our ocean floor is covered in plastic bottles? It's not affecting me." I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but truth is, it does matter and it does affect you.