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Going Up: The EuroMast

This observation tower is now one of the most popular attractions in Rotterdam. Back in 1960 the Euromast was originally built for the Floriade, a big garden festival. Now it attracts visitors from all over the world all year long! People come here to stand above the city, dine in at one of the restaurants, or even spend the night in the hotel in the clouds!

Tips For Tokyo Disney Sea

Welcome to Tokyo Disney Sea! This magical slice of Disney lives in the outskirts of Tokyo right on the…sea! I was so excited to check this park off my bucket list. Now, I know some great tips to help make your first visit, and my next, the most magical visit it can be! Now lets get started 😎

An Adventure Up Tokyo Tower

I absolutely LOVE to see a city from a birds eye view. So it was no question that Rashawn and I had to see the Tokyo Tower while visiting Tokyo. There are so many reasons to visit Japan - and Tokyo Tower is one of them!

The Tower is 1,092 feet tall, which is just a couple hundred feet shorter than the Empire State Building! There are actually two observation decks on the tower, one at 150 meters and one at 250 meters! Both vary in hours of operation, cost, and overall experience.

London Fireworks on New Years

2017 was an epic year of travel so it only felt right to start the new year doing just that! London made number 5 on Fodor's top 20 places to ring in the new year, so it only felt right to head to The Big Smoke! You can easily get to the U.K. and London from anywhere in Europe. Depending on how far you're coming from, you may want to take a cheap flight from Ryan Air, or hop on the Bullet Train. But if your like us, we LOVE to have a car when we travel.

Graffiti Alley

Welcome to Graffiti Alley, home to some of the most colorful streets in the 6! This unique compound of alley ways is full of bright, popping, unreal GRAFFITI! But, this is not your average spay can art, these designs will truly blow your mind!