EBOOK ONLY: How To Travel Young And Broke

EBOOK ONLY: How To Travel Young And Broke


After graduating college, Rashawn and I set off on a globetrotting adventure. With pennies in our pockets and a bag full of ramen + Hot Cheetos, we were able to travel to three continents, 15 countries, and 12 US States - In less than one years time.

We didn’t get fancy sponsorships or money from anyone else. We worked hard at out minimum wage jobs and choose to spend our earnings on travels and memories. We learned so much about ourselves, the world, and traveling! We want others to learn from our mistakes and know that YOU too can have these amazing experiences.

Dive into this creative ebook full of our stories, advice, print outs, and more! These products are all designed with you in mind, to help you see the world.

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