All in Life Bucketlist

Where To See Golden Aspens In Colorado

There are few things better than fresh fall air in the mountains. I may be bias growing up here in Colorado, but nothing is better than the Aspen leaves changing for fall. The typical Golden season is just in September, so as soon as you have a free moment go - and if you'll miss this season add it to your bucketlist, because this beauty deserves to be seen. 

College Athlete

Growing up, it was common to hear, "I can't I have swim practice" coming from my friends and I. I always smelled like chlorine and may have been guilty of wearing a CAC shirt to school everyday. But, swimming was one of the biggest blessings in my life.


2012 was a very monumental year in my life. I began to feel what worldly travel is really like after going to Nicaragua for my first Mission trip and then to London for the 2012 Olympics. My mom and I went to cheer on one of the most beautiful and genuine people I have ever known, Missy Franklin. I grew up with the blessing of having Missy as one of my closet friends. I truly believe my middle school years could not have been possible with our daily laughs in 7th period, our countless Facebook 'button' exchanges and our quote books from StumbleUpon. Her spirit was infections and how blessed I was by her friendship!

Swimming in the Sea

Growing up in Colorado, I was always dreaming of the water. I was landlocked there, and the only source of water near me were a few lakes and a man made reservoir. I loved seeing pictures and watching documentaries about sea life and I just dreamed of getting to see and experience those things one day. I honestly think thats what sent me to Hawaii, despite all the craziness that comes from living here, I would never trade it for the world because of the ocean. 

Silent Disco

On Friday night I got to Dance my booty off at the Honolulu Museum of Art for their Art After Dark event! This month to wrap up Black History Month they hosted a Silent Disco with the theme of AfroFuture. I have seen a few silent discos in places like New York and immediately put it on my Bucket List. This really is the future of parties! 


I was proudly the happiest 20 year old at Disneyland the other day. Rashawn was so sweet and got me tickets to Disneyland, California for Christmas because I have been wanting to go with him for so long! We got so lucky because we went just in time for to see the 60th Anniversary decorations still up, and the park was still decorated for Christmas as well so we got double the magic!! 

Pacific Coast Highway

It is safe to say I have a thing for coastal drives. Between my Island Tour of Oahu, driving the Road To Hana, or the Piliani Highway and now the Pacific Coast Highway: oceanside is the place to be. The drives are so amazing because who doesn't sit in awe of the amazing coasts we have?! The drive its self is so beautiful and there is actually so much to do on the way! We will be back because we didn't get to see and do all we wanted!


Oh the feeling of floating in the sky above the ocean...and this view sure helps too! I love Parasailing and have done it twice now. The first was in Maiami, Flordia and the second here in Honolulu, Hawaii. If I get the chance I will Parasail over every ocean city. The view and experience is so blissful! Except the part when the captains think its funny to dunk you in for shark bait!

White Water Rafting

You Only Live Once, so why not go flying down whitewater rapids in an inflatiable boat! My original interest in adding whitewater rafting to my bucket list actually came from my parents. After they got married my mother, dad, and Opi went white water rafting and it was like the rafting scene from The Vacation. My poor father got popped out of the boat! And lets just say it wasn't smooth sailing after that! But of course I was so drawn to trying it for myself, I was itching to go!

Fifty by Fifty

Growing up I feel truly blessed getting to travel as much as I did. My family loved going on trips together, I traveled a bunch for swimming, and tagged along every now and then when my dad had out of state meetings. When I was young I may not have taken each destination into appreciation like I should have, so I officially added it to my bucket list to see all fifty states by the time I am fifty.