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Where To See Golden Aspens In Colorado

There are few things better than fresh fall air in the mountains. I may be bias growing up here in Colorado, but nothing is better than the Aspen leaves changing for fall. The typical Golden season is just in September, so as soon as you have a free moment go - and if you'll miss this season add it to your bucketlist, because this beauty deserves to be seen. 

Echo Lake

Every now and then it is important to escape the city and breathe the in that Mountain Air. Especially in Colorado where the mountain air is so fresh and pure! Echo Lake is the perfect place to go for an afternoon away. Adding in Fall time and the leaves changing, you are going to be set up for a perfect fall afternoon in the Colorado Rockies.  

Devils Head

When I was little I HATED hiking. But now that I am older and wiser I can't get enough! Hiking with my mama has turned into one of my favorite activities! We opted for Devils Head to check out some changing leaves before I head back to Hawaii! I have done this hike 3 times now and each has been even more rewarding! 

Off Roading

While in Lake, City this summer, my family and I also got to do some serious off roading! While in Telluride last summer my dad, brother, and I did an off roading tour with Telluride Off-road Adventures to the old mining grounds. It was SO COOL! We knew our off roading days were not over then. So this summer when we found a few off roading sites in Lake City we were pretty excited! Even more so when we convinced my mom to come with us this time! 

White Water Rafting

You Only Live Once, so why not go flying down whitewater rapids in an inflatiable boat! My original interest in adding whitewater rafting to my bucket list actually came from my parents. After they got married my mother, dad, and Opi went white water rafting and it was like the rafting scene from The Vacation. My poor father got popped out of the boat! And lets just say it wasn't smooth sailing after that! But of course I was so drawn to trying it for myself, I was itching to go!

Lake San Cristobal

This summer my family and I drove to Lake City, Colorado. It's a very very small town of less than 500 people! We barley had cell service and practically no internet. But it was the absolute perfect get away of staying in a small cabin, snacking on grocery store goodies, and playing board games. Plus everyday their was plenty of activities to do! My favorite was going to Lake San Cristobal. We went almost everyday we were there it was SO pretty!