create memories that last a lifetime

Having a bucket list in life can help you to keep track of all the goals and dreams you have in life. Take some time to write a list, or add to the free download, of things you want to accomplish in life. From big things to small things looking back at a page full of check marks will add great value and happiness to your life. 

Free Bucketlist Download + SaltWaterVibes

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  1. Visit All 50 States
  2. Swim With Sharks
  3. Parasail
  4. Vist all 7 Continents
  5. Stairway To Heaven
  6. Take a Mud Bath
  7. Koh NagYuan, Thailand
  8. Release Turtles to Ocean
  9.  Go To The Olympics
  10. Skydive
  11. Swim With Marine Life
  12. Disneyland
  13. DisneyWorld
  14. Go on a Mission
  15. Nihiwatu Resort
  16. Oneonta Gorge
  17. Uluwatu Beach, Bali
  18. Pacific Coast Highway
  19. Road To Hana
  20. White Water Rafting
  21. Canyon Diving
  22. Silent Disco
  23. Live on an Island
  24. Live in New York
  25. Great Barrier Reef
  26. Swim With Manatees
  27. Go on a Safari
  28. Paraglide
  29. Ice Palace
  30. Mardi Gras in NOLA
  31. Cherry Blossom in DC
  32. Holi in India
  33. Letters To Love Ones
  34. Rollerblade A Marathon
  35. Zipline
  36. Do a Triathlon 
  37. Be a D1 Athlete
  38. Graduate College
  39. Have A Family
  40. See The Eiffel Tower 
  41. Go To Bora Bora
  42. Hold a Koala 
  43.  Great Wall of China
  44. Start my own company
  45. Go to Maldives
  46. Travel to Fiji
  47. See McWay Falls
  48. Diamond Fork
  49. Travel to Tahiti 
  50. Banff, Canada
  51. Gili Trawangan
  52. Lombok
  53. Foster Falls
  54. Giant's Causeway
  55. Yosemite National Park
  56. Vernal Falls
  57. Swim With Manta Rays
  58. Tamolitch Blue Pool
  59. Stay at Papageno Resort
  60. Pink Beach
  61. Visit Mauritus 
  62. See the Eiffel Tower
  63. Live Abroad
  64. Speak French
  65. Visit all US National Parks