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About Sav | SaltWaterVibes

aloha, i’m sav.

Aloha! I’m Savannah, or Sav for short. Most days you can find me making crafts with the kids I nanny, viewing life behind my lens, or working on this website. Oh and of course going on lots of adventures! Keep reading for more….


 Most people know me for my smile and bubbly personality. I just cannot help it, I love to smile! 😊 I am devoted to serving the world by giving people REAL advice on things I have REALLY experienced. It is one thing to read about a hike online, but think how much safer you would feel after talking to your friend, who has done it. 

Well, I am that friend!

I am so passionate about seeing the world and doing my part to save it. Hopefully along the way I will inspire to others to do the exact same. I want to inspire people to think beyond the box and always know there is a way to turn your adventure dreams into reality.

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